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 Inclusive Relationships 

In 1995 the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) published the findings of its Inquiry by a group of British business leaders into Tomorrow's Company - The Role of Business in a Changing World. The Inquiry, chaired by Sir Anthony Cleaver, was triggered by an urgent need to improve the sustainable competitiveness performance of UK companies. Its conclusion was that there was no simple technical formula for success. Instead, what each company needed was an inclusive relationship with customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the wider community.

The Centre for Tomorrow's Company was set up in 1996 to inspire and enable companies to implement that agenda. Its director is Mark Goyder, who was the programme director of the RSA Inquiry. Bill works closely with Mark and the Centre, supporting its research programme. Bill researched and wrote the materials that accompany the eight-part BBC video series Building Tomorrow's Company. Each contains an audit tool to serve as a trigger from which a company's development action may spring. Contact Bill for further information. (Also see the resources section and the Centre for Tomorrow's Company web site.)