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 Mergers and acquisitions 

Mergers have a poor record of success. Research shows that most failures occur because of poor people and organisational management. This may begin with a failure to understand, assess and address key differences between the ways the companies have been run. And it may be a failure to plan for the sensible integration of the organisations' cultures and people management.

Please contact us if you would like to:

  • Assess the areas in which the organisations may be incompatible and experience difficulty.
  • Track the consolidation process as it occurs, holding up a mirror from which the organisation can learn in real time.
  • Identify the scope for merger-related management development.
  • Manage the integration of personnel polices and practices.
  • Develop a merger plan for human resources.
  • Deal with the casualties of the stressful merger process.
  • Brief managers on how to handle the transition curve of people's emotions.
  • Advise on communication media and messages.
  • Identify high-flying talent that must be protected in the turmoil.
  • Take advantage of the merger to create structured learning opportunities.
  • Handle terminations with dignity and care.