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 Innovate or die! 

Given the pace of change and market pressures, it is not surprising that innovation - 'successfully exploit new ideas' - is on most executives' lips. A business's ability to be innovative is widely seen as holding one of the most important keys to unlocking competitive advantage.

 Where do we find innovation? 

Most people understand the importance of technological innovation, observing its tangible effect in new products in fields such as computers and pharmaceuticals. Most managers also recognise the need for innovative services, selling, distribution, advertising, promotion and pricing. But innovation also applies to internal management processes and systems. These may include new ways of working which are more cost-efficient and effective in using resources, more streamlined in handling, quicker to market, enhancing quality. Indeed, such internal innovation is often a necessary precursor to innovation in the marketplace. This multi-dimensional and demanding agenda for innovation calls for an understanding in how to give an organisation the systemic capacity to be innovative in all it does.

 A diagnostic toolkit 

A well-developed toolkit is available to establish where your organisation currently stands and to discover the scope for making advancements. It focuses on ten areas:

  1. Managing creative and innovative people
  2. Developing people's innovative capability
  3. Developing an organisation culture of innovation
  4. Applying performance management methods to innovation
  5. Using competency-based approaches to enhance innovation
  6. Taking advantage of individuals' creative ideas
  7. Understanding the forces that stifle or fuel innovation
  8. Responding to workplace trends which affect innovation
  9. Exploiting the many sources of innovation
  10. Measuring business innovation at a strategic level

 Taking action 

The audit highlights numerous improvement opportunities in the ten domains listed. These are then coupled with advice and action that turns recommendations into actionable change.