Prometheus Consulting - Organisation Development and Strategic Human Resource Consultancy

 Management Development 

 Current realities 

In today's volatile competitive environment no business can afford to neglect management development. But many organisations become trapped by self-limiting mindsets. These sometimes equate management development with expensive programmes for senior executives. They may equate development with training, failing to make the important distinction between learning that releases and expands people's diverse talents, and learning that converges skills around best practice. Significantly, developers may be excluded from executive recruitment and retention decisions. Many companies' approaches to management development are tactical and solutions driven, choosing from what the market offers rather than what their organisation uniquely needs at a particular time.

 The need 

Such mental cobwebs must be blown away before improvements can be made to the organisation's approach to management development. Organisations need a strategy for making management development more strategic so that it directly impacts on the company's fortunes.

 A strategy for development 

Prometheus's service is based on the following ten principles:-

  • Utilise the full range of management development activity
  • Distinguish between manager and management development
  • Extend the remit of management developers
  • Use strategic methods alongside tactical ones
  • Differentiate between educational, developmental and training approaches
  • Ensure that development serves the company's agenda
  • Use management development to enhance stakeholder relationships
  • Understand and optimise the learning transfer process
  • Take into account the impact of the organisation's shadow side
  • Distinguish between managerial 'success' and 'effectiveness'