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 Organisational Competence 

 The story so farů 

Many large and successful companies have adopted a 'competence' approach as a way of improving their effectiveness. Typically, the focus is on individuals (most often managers) and their jobs. This may raise the level of managerial professionalism based on best practice. But is this enough?

 Limitations of this approach 

Even ardent advocates of the methodology recognise that the sum of individual competence will not deliver organisational competence. Something is missing from the recipe.

 Putting competence in context 

Individual competence needs designing, embedding and managing in its organisational context. What individuals can do needs to be converted into what they choose to do, supported by what the organisation allows them to do. This requires understanding and managing the organisation's dynamics.

Prometheus's service is based on the following ten principles:-

  • Distinguish between 'doing things right' and 'doing the right things'
  • Align organisational competence with business goals
  • Balance competencies that converge on best practice with divergence for innovation
  • Identify and abandon legacy competencies that are out-of-date and dysfunctional
  • Identify organisational competencies that are of growing or transitional importance
  • Relate competencies to where the company is in its life cycle
  • Recognise the impact of the various stakeholder relationships on competence
  • Distinguish between the company's organisational and business variables
  • Understand and manage the impact of the organisation's 'shadow side'
  • Focus competence on the gaps between people and between functions