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 Performance improvement 

A set of 20 aide memoire are available from Prometheus Consulting in personal organiser format. But they may be used loose. They are designed to help managers, developers, trainers and educators tackle a wide range of individual and organisational performance problems.

The themes are:

  1. Individual performance problems - key diagnostic questions
  2. Improving teamwork - soul-searching questions
  3. Ongoing performance management of good and bad performers
  4. Managers' performance appraisal - possible objectives
  5. Managers' performance appraisal - sample questions
  6. The managers' mindset - managerial and administrative stereotypes
  7. Examples of norms which may need challenging and changing
  8. The rational and non-rational faces of organisations
  9. Spotting ethical issues - ten pointers to potential problems
  10. Need for organisation renewal - recognising the signs
  11. Developing the organisation's management
  12. Forming strategies for development - a ten-point plan
  13. Getting started on a new agenda - ten practical tips for developers
  14. Reviewing training strategy - key agenda questions
  15. Ten beliefs about training for organisation change
  16. Supervising the development function - questions for line bosses to ask
  17. Management competences - ten criteria for choosing MCI's management standards
  18. Making best use of MBA programmes - decision-making checklist
  19. Supporting open learning
  20. Evaluating open learning

Price: £13 per set of 20 items (includes p&p; zero VAT).

The content for the checklists is drawn from Bill's companion volumes published in 1995: Developing Corporate Competence - A High-Performance Agenda for Managing Organizations, Gower; and Developing Managerial Competence - A Critical Guide to Methods and Materials, Gower.

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