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 Personnel Management 

William Tate, 2000: Personnel Management (ch. 'Management development', co-authored with Professor John Storey); eds. Stephen Bach and Keith Sisson. Blackwell

An increasing awareness of the significance of the management of people to competitiveness, alongside new practices and paradigms such as 'human resource management', demand a critical appraisal of both the theory and practice of personnel management.

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 Demerging Organisations 

William Tate, 1999: Demerging Organisations: A Guide to Best Practice. Financial Times Management (an imprint of Pearson Education)

In the face of pressure to increase shareholder value, conglomerates are turning to demerger to deliver the expected returns. But this is a complex, traumatic and potentially costly process with its fair share of failures. With the help of this report you can overcome these obstacles. Drawing on the author's considerable experience of demerger consultancy for the Burton Group, the briefing offers expert guidance on best practice for managing demergers.

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 Developing Corporate Competence 

William Tate, 1995: Developing Corporate Competence - A High-Performance Agenda for Managing Organisations, Gower
(nominated for the MCA Management Book of the Year Award)

In most organisations there is a striking difference between what managers are capable of doing, and what managers choose to do and what they are allowed to do. HRD specialists often devote themselves to developing managerial competence with little regard to the context or the organisation's side of the bargain. William Tate shows how to link management development with the culture and problems of the organisation to generate performance-enhancing action...

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 Developing Managerial Competence 

William Tate, 1995: Developing Managerial Competence - A Critical Guide to Methods and Materials, Gower

It sometimes seems as if every day witnesses the arrival of a new programme, product or service purporting to improve management proficiency. At the same time new initiatives crowd onto the scene. How can the management development specialist, let alone the manager himself or herself, steer a sensible course through these swirling, and probably shark-infested waters. William Tate's much-needed book - a companion volume to his Developing Corporate Competence - takes a searching look at the confused and confusing management development marketplace…

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Independent Review
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Sample Pages
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