Prometheus Consulting - Organisation Development and Strategic Human Resource Consultancy

 New Perspectives 

Prometheus Consulting has a reputation for the distinctive position it takes on key issues. These perspectives often run against conventional wisdom on matters concerning the management of organisations and how to improve performance. The consultancy approaches the challenge of learning and improvement by taking a strong organisational focus, as opposed to the prevalent individual fixation which too often espouses organisation change through individual development.

The marketplace for interventions (in the most embracing sense of this term) has acquired a dominant mindset as a consequence of particular groups' vested interests as well as some popular blindspots. Many consultancies cannot afford to explain to clients the shortcomings in the models (because they cannot provide a solution). OR they do not have within their experience other models that would enable them to understand the dubious assumptions they are making. Certain forms of training have acquired near mythical status, helped along by the false hope they hold out for organisations to realise benefits. Prometheus Consulting prefers to offer an holistic service which openly challenges falsehoods and logical inconsistencies, revealing the missing pieces in the jigsaw. Some of these new perspectives are offered below.

 Management competence


 Management development 


 Inclusive relationships