Prometheus Consulting - Organisation Development and Strategic Human Resource Consultancy

 How we add value 

 Our beliefs 

  1. Improving the governance, leadership, management and performance of organisations is crucial to a sustainable future for business and society.

  2. Most improvement opportunities come from addressing organisational performance factors. Management performance at the individual level is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for successful organisational performance.

  3. The organisation context and the 'system' is (almost) everything where performance improvement is concerned. Generic interventions with individuals have limited value.

  4. Understanding an organisation's realities and its spread of 'world-views' is paramount when planning interventions, including acknowledging the 'dark side' of people and organisations.

  5. Training should be integrated with other interventions. Training individuals cannot alone produce organisational change.

  6. Opportunities to improve performance are more often found in the spaces between people and functions than in individuals themselves.

  7. Organisations' problems and opportunities are unique, so their solutions need to be too.

 Our approach 

  1. We work strategically with organisations and their top management as clients, rather than with individual employees.

  2. We are concerned with the performance of individuals in the context in which they are functioning, not in isolation. We do not run generic skill courses.

  3. We are pulled forward by future possibilities and progressive scenarios.

  4. We use our own distinctive and well-researched perspectives (see menu) on familiar management subjects.

  5. We have a strong research arm and use robust diagnosis.

  6. We apply leading-edge thinking before it has been commercially embedded.

  7. None of our work is a simple repeat of a previous assignment. All entails new learning for all parties.

 Client work 

  • Large high-street bank
  • International airlines
  • Major building society
  • Family-owned electrical contractor
  • Large high-street retailer
  • South African insurance company
  • Los Angeles based cruise operation
  • Canadian electrical switchgear manufacturer
  • Software company
  • Ferry operation
  • Traditional UK insurance company
  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Department for Education and Employment
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • Royal Air Force
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Various local authorities